An Experienced Team!

As the oldest full-service real estate company in the macedonian marketplace, it has never been our mission to be the largest real estate company, just a company with a very high level of customer satisfaction!

With a combined knowledge of real estate experience since 1993, we have seen and learned to overcome the obstacles to a smooth real-estate transaction.

Estate Adriatik is in a unique position to help sellers, buyers, renters in this changing world of real estate.

Because we were the first company in the marketplace to develop a multifunctional website we have committed many resources to make it effective to serve your needs. Not only do we provide you with our website information, we provide you with a link directly to our database where You can create your own offer, find the property that you want, and we’ll make sure that you "get it" fast, simple and safe.

Our office prime location, our repeated customers, our friendly professional individualized service, have enabled us to stay up-to-date with the latest properties on the market, we stand by our words "We are the best on your search".

In order to prove all written above, let us mention just a small part of our respective client list: British Embassy, DFID, CRS, all US governmental and non-governmental organizations, US Embassy, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Hellenic Republic, Embassy of Netherlands, Embassy of Sweden , Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of China, Embassy of Montenegro, Delegation of the European Commission, European Bank, World Bank, UNHCR, PHARE, NATO, Hellenic Petroleum, BBC, REUTERS and other organizations and companies.

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